Yum Yum Carrot Cookies

Mrs. Claus ....... Mrs. Claus ....


Yes, I’m in the kitchen.

Good morning Mrs. Claus. Santa told us to find you and help you with whatever you need us to do.

Really….did Santa know I was just thinking about making his favorite cookies? But I wasn’t sure I had time?

Mrs. Claus, I think that is why we are here to help you with other work so Santa doesn’t miss out, on his favorite cookies replied elf Susie.

Okay, let’s get started, help me get the big mixing bowl out of the cupboard. Along with making Santa’s favorite cookies, I’m going to surprise him with a new cookie recipe called carrot cookies.

Henry the elf spoke up. Will Santa like a carrot cookie?

I’m not sure Henry we must bake a batch and see how they taste. Carrots are sweet and we all know how much the Reindeer like them.

Mrs. Claus, people and Reindeer don’t eat the same food. Sometimes, Henry. Hummm they smell good. Knock, knock I’ll answer the door.

Blitzen, what are you doing here? Henry asked, I thought you were practicing getting ready for Christmas Eve.

We are, but there are sweet smells coming from the kitchen. We decided to investigate.

Oh, Blitzen Mrs. Claus is trying a new carrot cookie recipe.

Yippee, I knew I smelled something good. When will they be ready?

Very soon, but these are a surprise for Santa. But, Mrs. Claus they have carrots in them our favorite.

I will make enough to please everyone.

Is there something I can do to help you asked Blitzen, No, I’ll ring the bell when they are ready.

As soon as the cookies came out of the oven I had a crowd.

Santa liked my new recipe as much as the reindeer. It was a very good day.

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