What would Santa do without his reindeer? I can’t even imagine. Do you know

All their names? Can you name them now? Someday I’ll explain how Santa picked

Their names, it’s a fun story.

Many, Many Many years ago, the reindeer were responsible for everything on the night that Santa travels the world. Making sure he is on time where ever he needs to go. Santa noticed that the job was almost getting to hard for the Reindeer. Even With Rudolph’s help.

Santa started investigating engines. They were becoming more powerful. He realized they were much too noisy and they couldn’t find certain addresses

. But now it’s perfect Santa uses the engines to get across oceans and the mountains. The reindeer have time to rest.When Santa gets close to land the reindeer take over. They are so quiet they swish in and out of neighbor hoods so fast you don’t know you have been visited. This is just one of the reasons I love Santa so much he thinks of everything and tries to make as many people happy as possible. Even Reindeer are happy that they get a bit of rest while on his trip

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Mrs. Claus

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