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When the decision was made to write children books about Mrs. Claus or I should say from her perspective, there wasn't a clue what experiences were laying ahead. As this blog goes on I'll talk about the making of a book but now I want to talk about book signings. When the first person asked me to come to the store and do a book signing, I was thrilled, thankful,happy and mostly scared. Though the years I've talked about the places that I've been. What I need to talk more about is some of the people I meet, because believe me they are the frosting on the cake.

I did my last book signing for the year a few days ago. It was slower than normal until Mary walked in. She is a bundle of energy who calls herself Mrs. Claus. Her smile and her spirit reached my table before she did. She was thrilled about my books and bought all of them.

She started sharing her Mrs. Claus story. How many years ago she started working for a company she really liked. In a company meeting her boss asked if she would be in charge of organizing toys for tots to give to the marines. Smart Boss! Her journey began. She decided to cook a big meal once a week (every week for years) for as many people as she could. She asked everyone to pay whatever was possible. She saved every dime. She told me this year was her best. She raised $21,000. Her company matched the funds. She was in a hurry because she only has two days left and she didn't quite have as many bikes as she needed, but she was off to the store to finish. The Marines will pick everything up Monday and start the distribution. I'm sure that the children who receive the toys appreciate the gifts, but the real gift is Mary. Her energy, her spirit, her smile, and joy completely surrounded her. When she left it was like a swish that followed her out of the room. She definitely deserves the Mrs. Claus badge. I'm so lucky to be able to do book signings.

Rather than say “Nice to meet you Mary” I'll just say “Thank you Mary for being you”

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