Santa's Magic Work

Good morning everyone!

I can't believe it's already March. The good news is from January 2 until now Santa has been creating new toys. First he draws his designs on paper, and then brings them to life. This is the part I don't understand, but it sure is fun seeing Santa's magic work. Every elf at the North Pole loves to help Santa create new toys. By the 1st of April we start testing all the toys. I really think this is the elves favorite time of year. It's their job to have fun. If Santa sees that they aren't learning or laughing, he tries to fix the problem. If Santa sees the elves continue struggling to have fun, that toy doesn't get made. It's ok because there are so many toys to play with the elves have a full time job learning and laughing. The toys that past all the tests become this year's Christmas toys. Santa's rule is everything has to be ready to go by the end of September. In October, November and of course December, there are so many other things to attend to. Santa is always looking for the mail, it's so important to him to make sure there are enough toys to go around. He gets very grumpy if we haven't figured it out right. I believe Santa is the best toymaker in the whole world. He always says there is nothing better than knowing he has brought smiles and laughter to the children of the world.

I'll be back soon!

Love, Mrs. Claus

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