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Welcome to Mrs. Claus says website. My last name really is Claus, and because of that, I've definitely had more experiences than most people, either talking about Mrs. Claus or answering a million questions about Santa. When you were growing up, did you know anything about Mrs. Claus? Probably not. She’s been in the shadows for years, but not really. The public doesn't know much about her but believe me; the North Pole couldn't run without her.

That's what started this whole story many years ago. I wanted to write about what she’s like, how she loves Santa with all her heart, and he definitely feels the same. She’s his main helper. Santa spends every year teaching about love and giving. We all know there isn't a better toy maker in the world. He’s magical, but he always tells everyone how lucky he feels to have Mrs. Claus by his side 

Right now, there are six books published and three more waiting in the wings. This year we have made 4 of them into e-Books available on Amazon for all different devices, PC, Nook, Kindle, iPad, etc. They are suitable for ages 2-7 years old and available on Amazon. Even though I think there is nothing better than sitting with your child, a book in hand to touch, and feel the pages, I do realize that the tech industry is not going away. I have come to realize how wonderful an e-book is when your children are in your in the car for a long ride. It can be useful in many places, doctor offices, anywhere.


After much study I had decided to self-publish, I'll be telling many stories about my successes and mistakes along the way. I hope I'll be of some help with your dreams of writing. But of course, Mrs. Claus will be with me every day, and she does seem to have the last word. See you soon!

Nancy Claus aka Mrs. Claus, North Pole

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I've always written, but for my own enjoyment. I hadn't really thought about children's stories until my grandchildren were born. They brought me back to seeing life through a child's eyes. After living the better part of my life as Nancy Claus, I've had many experiences  being  Mrs. Santa Claus. Lots of Mrs. Claus phone calls. Some very cute, and some sad ones as well.  Through these real life experiences, I have woven stories with sole purpose of  bringing smiles into a child's world.

You can order any of my one-of-a-kind children’s Christmas books via PayPal or on Amazon.


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